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Postdoc Research Symposium May 13

Learn about more than 70 innovative research projects in a wide range of fields at the third annual Postdoctoral Research Symposium, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday, May 13, in the Talley Student Union ballroom.

This year’s keynote address will be delivered by Tayyaba Hasan, professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School.

To attend, RSVP by Friday, May 2. The event includes lunch.



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Responses (2 Comments)

  • Yvonne Rollins

    This is the first time I hear about this. If I had known about it I would have gone so support our post-doc faculty.
    I wonder why my department did not tell us about it?
    Please, next year, make sure we know about such an event way in advance. Thanks.

    Yvonne Rollins
    Professor of French

  • Yvonne Rollins

    See above.

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