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DELTA Introduces Desktop Recorder

If you’re a faculty member or instructor, you’ll be excited to learn that DELTA is making it easier for you to create and share multimedia presentations with your students. An enhanced version of its Mediasite lecture-capture system, called My Mediasite, is wrapping up a pilot test and will soon be ready for general release.

The enhanced system will now incorporate a desktop recorder so you can record presentations—including video, audio, screen captures and images—right from your personal computer. After creating or uploading video into My Mediasite, you can share links directly from Moodle, on your own website, through email or in class, allowing you to consolidate course materials for you and your students.

DELTA Media Production Services Director Leisa Bolles sees the desktop recorder as an important step in the evolution of DELTA-supported production offerings.

“We already record thousands of hours of course content every semester in our Mediasite-equipped classrooms and mini-studios,” she says. “Adding a desktop recorder to our palette of options expands our services beyond the physical constraints of the campus, and puts another option for reaching students into the hands of our faculty. It’s an exciting development.”

It’s not hard to see applications for the system. Laura Stephenson, assistant director of Academic Technologies, cites the problems created this winter when campus was closed due to snow and ice.

“Imagine a snowbound professor at home, recording a lecture on her computer, uploading it and within minutes students are viewing it,” she says.

Of course, it’s not just for emergencies. My Mediasite provides faculty with a versatile teaching tool that they can use anywhere. Previously, Mediasite was available only in a limited number of video-equipped classrooms and mini-studios.

My Mediasite will be available for all faculty and staff beginning May 19. If you can’t wait to try it out, find out more about the pilot test online.

For more information about the system, contact DELTA via


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