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President Obama on Campus

In his third appearance on campus since 2008, President Obama took the stage at the J.W. Isenhour Tennis Complex on Wednesday to deliver the news that NC State has been tapped to lead the $140 million Next Generation Power Electronics National Manufacturing Innovation Institute.

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  • JWTrent

    How refreshing to see and hear President Obama as he greeted, moved and spoke to the people of North Carolina this week.
    He brought good news to us. Congrats to
    NC State as this University continues to be innovative and a leader in our future.
    The television coverage of Barack Obama’s visit was excellent and on-the-spot.
    We heard and saw Obama call out the
    governor on television regarding the vacancy in a N.C. district without ANY representation right now because the votes would most likely go to a Democrat if a special election was held today to fill it. The district – Charlotte north up through Greensboro carved-out like a river on a N.C. State map! It is shameful. And embarrassing to look at.

    Vote with your feet folks and turn things around
    for a reasonable life we all deserve in N.C. And the operative word is ALL.

    There is no excuse for N. C. declining the Federal money set aside already for Medicaid benefits in our state OR little
    children literally with no food in their mouths. Adults skipping meals so, if there may be crumbs, the children can eat them. What are we coming to? The current party in charge is turning its head away from
    the poor, poverty ridden fellow citizens among us we know need help, and fast. Money or food stamps in their hands to buy groceries is critical.

    We shall continue to pray for Mercy and
    Grace for equality among all peoples.
    If we have any feelings at all, we
    feel the pain of the underprivileged,
    as many of us start from that point in
    our journey. Life is not easy or pain free. The skills day to day to survive
    in today’s world are getting a lot of practice. God bless us.

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