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Coping With Crowded Commute

Is your daily commute to NC State’s main campus getting worse? Perhaps it’s because of the rebuilding project that just began on Raleigh’s Beltline and will continue for the next three years.

On Friday, a representative of the North Carolina Department of Transportation will outline to the campus community how the massive rebuilding project will affect all who commute to campus every day.

Construction began in December in the southeast corner of the Raleigh loop, where I-440 West and I-40 merge, with both directions being squeezed from four lanes to two for the next year, as part of a $130-million project to rebuild more than 11 miles of the southern Beltline.

Friday’s half-hour meeting, sponsored by the Staff Senate and university transportation, will be at the Carmichael Recreation Center, beginning at noon.

Among the topics for disaffected commuters will be alternate routes to campus and alternate modes of travel, with plenty of time for questions.

Responses (2 Comments)

  • Barbara Odom

    I am part of NCSU located off-campus in Raleigh (OUC 062101) and I was wondering if there will be any info online regarding what is shared at this session today which I cannot attend. Thanks!

  • Cheryl C.

    Can the information be posted online for folks who can’t make it to the meeting?

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