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There’s a Flu Shot in Your Future

This announcement is not for you. Certainly, you already have plans to do the right thing.

This important schedule of events, however, is for the always-snuffling, hacking coworker two cubicles over who refuses to stave off an annual office threat by not getting a flu shot.

Print out the list. Post it on the office bulletin board. Leave it on a chair. Slip it under a door after hours. Help everyone avoid an unnecessary trip to the doctor’s office this fall and winter by getting a vaccination against this year’s strain of the virus.

Friday is the first chance for everyone on campus to get the shot, during the NC State Benefits and Wellness Expo from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the McKimmon Center. Preregistration is suggested, though walk-ins are accepted. The full schedule of flu-shot clinics for all state employees is also available through the State Health Plan website.

The shot is free for all faculty and staff enrolled in the State Health Plan, their dependents and retirees. Other insurance plans are also accepted. Those without coverage can still get the shot for $30.

There will also be at least one chance per week to get a flu shot until mid-December at various locations on campus.



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