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Spirit Bands Boost Pack Pride

Don't just sit there, pick up a free spirit band courtesy of Campus Enterprises.

Campus Enterprises is supporting “Wear Red Fridays” by distributing 20,000 free spirit wristbands to the campus community.

The bands display seven unique messages: “Back the Pack,” “It’s a STATE of Mind,” “Proud to be the Pack,” “Pack Power,” “This is our STATE,” “Wolfpack Pride” and “Wolfpack in the House.”

They’ll be distributed while supplies last at campus dining halls, C-Stores, On the Oval Culinary Creations, the NC State Bookstore, the Pack Shop at Wolf Ridge, the Wolfpack One Office and Wolf Xpress.

The information desk at the Talley Student Union will also be a distribution site when the building opens in the next week or so. The bands will also be distributed through the employee appreciation event preceding the NC State/Syracuse game on Saturday, Oct.12, and through Student Government.

The spirited folks in Campus Enterprises say wearing red on Fridays—and on any day, for that matter—reinforces the pride we have in being part of the Wolfpack.


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