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Romulan-Inspired Musician Releases CD

NC State staff member Gray Rinehart recently released a 10-song CD of music primarily inspired by science fiction and fantasy, entitled “Truths and Lies and Make-Believe.” The album includes an eclectic mix of music, from the silly fun of Star Wars-inspired “Tauntauns to Glory” and the primarily Star Trek-influenced drinking song “Another Romulan Ale” to the political farce of “I Think I’ll Run for Congress” and the deeply introspective “Day to Day Disguises.”

In addition to his work at the Industrial Extension Service, Rinehart is an author and a contributing editor for SF&F publisher Baen Books of Wake Forest. In that capacity, he “field tested” most of the songs at SF&F conventions in North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. One of the songs on the album, “The Monster Hunter Ballad,” received special attention online for being based on Baen’s Monster Hunter International series of novels by Larry Correia.

Rinehart, who lives in Cary, worked with Research Triangle-area musicians and artists to produce the album. Rinehart almost always has a few copies of “Truths and Lies and Make-Believe” with him for sale, and the CD is also available through BandCamp and CDBaby.

More information about Rinehart’s writing and music may be found on his website.



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