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30-Day Limit on Voice Mail

Learn to say goodbye to your voice mail messages. Beginning Thursday, Oct. 10, NC State will automatically delete your messages after 30 days to keep the system running smoothly.

If you need to save a message longer, you have a couple of options. You can sign up to receive your all your voice mail messages as email attachments or you can save individual messages to a hard drive.

The folks in ComTech have provided this handy guide to walk you through the process of sending or saving messages.

To get your voice mail messages via email, sign up for the unified message feature. This will allow you to receive your messages as sound files in your email inbox.

To save an individual message to a drive, do the following:

  • Log in to the Cisco Personal Communications Assistant
  • Click on the Web Inbox
  • Select Inbox, Deleted or Sent (depending on the message)
  • Click to highlight the specific message you want to save
  • Right click on the file name (message.wav) and choose the “Save target as…” option
  • Choose a location (hard drive, network drive or USB drive)
  • Click “Save”

If you need more information or assistance, contact ComTech at 515-7099.


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