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Study Enrolling Labs and Shepherds

Owners of German shepherds and Labrador retrievers are invited to enroll their dogs in a clinical study that includes a free orthopedic examination.

The non-invasive study, conducted by specialists at NC State’s Veterinary Health Complex, involves a single visit during which x-rays and measurements of the dogs’ hind limbs will be taken. The data collected from 80 dogs will provide clinicians with important information on the development of hip issues in the two breeds.

The focus of the study is the attachment between a dog’s spine and pelvis. It is not known how the angle of this joint—which varies widely in dogs of the same breed—affects other joint angles and the development of the skeletal system in the hind limbs.

To be eligible, participants must be American Kennel Club-registered German shepherds and Labrador retrievers between the ages of 1 and 8 without a history of orthopedic issues. The examination, x-ray and measurements will take about one hour.

For more information or to enroll in the study, which will be conducted throughout the summer, contact Kyle Mathews, professor of soft tissue and oncologic surgery, at 513-6303 or Sarah Wall at 513-6376.


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