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Summer Construction Update

It may be difficult to get around parts of campus for the next few months due to construction projects. The folks in transportation have the following summer projects underway:

Cates Avenue Partial Road Closure May 13 through  Aug. 15:

  • CLOSED to through traffic from First Year College to Morrill Drive.
  • One lane of traffic will remain open for emergency vehicles and Talley dump trucks.
  • Cates Avenue REMAINS OPEN to pedestrian traffic.
  • Cates Avenue Steam Plant parking is CLOSED.

Talley Student Center: 

  • More than half of the SV/loading dock lot (between Talley and Reynolds) will be closed from May 13 until December for demo and staging.
  • The first bay in the Jeter bay lot (row of parking closest to Dunn Avenue) is reserved from May 13 through Aug. 15 for Talley staging.

Jordan, Biltmore, Robertson and Pulp & Paper May 13 through Aug. 15:

  • Natural resources lot (parking lot north of buildings) will be CLOSED to through traffic.
  • Periodically expect to see a few parking spaces reserved behind Jordan Hall for several interior renovation jobs.

Lee Hall Interior Renovations May 13 through Aug. 15:

  • The small Lee employee/SV lot is reserved for staging.
  • SV spaces have been relocated in the Lee lot RW area, along the tree line facing the Parent Park (recreation area along the greenway).

College of Textiles Interior Renovations May 6 through Aug. 15: 

  • A couple of spaces are reserved for a renovation project in the small parking lot off Main Campus Drive.
  • A few additional spaces may be reserved for a separate renovation project over the summer.

Kilgore Stairs Project May 13 through July 15:

  • Three spaces in the Scott lot have been reserved for the stair project.
  • There is SV parking behind Kilgore Hall.

Brickyard Broughton Wall and Path May 15 through June 14: 

  • Four spaces reserved on Broughton Drive (just west of Patterson) for this project.

Method Road Stairs May 13 through June 15: 

  • Four spaces are reserved in the Method Road complex lot, along Method Road near the soccer fields.

Peele Lot May 15:

  • A few spaces are reserved in Peele lot to accommodate a furniture delivery; please do not move cones from parking spaces.
  • A few spaces will also be reserved on Current Drive near Park Shops as part of a move.

Transportation-related questions? Contact Tara Lanier, tjlanier@ncsu. If it’s a construction-related issue, she will direct you to the appropriate construction project manager.



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Responses (3 Comments)

  • David Senter

    Is there any way to make Faucette Dr between Dan Allen and Morrill Dr 2-way because there is no west to east access to East Campus without using Western Bld

  • M Bryan

    I agree–I started to Cameron Village today at lunch and realized that not only is Cates closed now that school has started the gates are down during the day. Even though school has started there’s not a significant amount of traffic on Dan Allen and with the closure on Cates, one can only leave campus southbound south of the railroad tracks–inconvenience every way one turns (or turns around!)

  • David Senter

    Why were the SV parking spaces in the Lee lot moved to the back row(the most western edge) of the lot?Any of the Facilities vehicles that will be parking in that area most likely will be sevicing Fountain Dining hall and it will be a long way to carry service equipment to that building.SV spots should be located as close to the loading dock of Fountain as possible.

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