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Friday Award to Vandenbergh

The Association of Retired Faculty will present the William C. Friday Award for Distinguished Service in Retirement to John G. Vandenbergh, professor emeritus of biology, at a luncheon at the University Club on May 15. Lunch reservations should be made online by Thursday, May 9. The cost is $16 per person.

Since his 2000 retirement, Vandenbergh has worked to advance the role of basic research in evaluating harmful substances in the environment and to insure that animals used in research receive high quality care. He has also worked to restore Yates Mill, an historic gristmill south of downtown Raleigh.

The Association of Retired Faculty consists of retired faculty and EPA professionals from NC State. Founded in 1983, the association seeks to provide opportunity for sharing common interests among retirees and for maintaining an organized association with the university. Programs include luncheon meetings held at the University Club on the third Wednesday of each month during the academic year and other occasional tours and events.


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