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Campus Forums on Shared Services

The forums will be held in the Hunt library (pictured) and SAS Hall, giving them a decidedly high-tech flavor.

Learn more about NC State’s new campus-wide effort to streamline and improve business services at two open forums on May 20 and 21. Information and registration is available online .

In the coming months, the university will begin creating new Business Operations Centers, or BOCs, to reduce paperwork and eliminate bottlenecks for people who rely on business processes, such as travel authorizations, purchasing, time reporting, employee recruitment and hiring.

At the forums, leaders of University Business Operations will discuss the new organizational  structure for delivering business services, and explain how the BOCs will be staffed. They’ll also give a progress report on efforts to reengineer many business processes – a complex initiative involving teams of finance and human resource professionals who have been working tirelessly to identify and eliminate unnecessary “pain points” that add cost but not value.

The new and  improved processes will be rolled out in the BOCs and then closely monitored to ensure that they work as designed. Processes will be evaluated and refined constantly as part of the division’s commitment to continuous improvement.

The reorganization of business services was launched in January 2011 as part of the university’s strategic planning effort. Over the coming year, many finance and human resource transactions will be lifted out of individual units and colleges—along with many of the people who perform them—and moved into the BOCs. Current NC State employees who move to the BOCs will receive new training, resources and opportunities as part of the initiative.

The new centers will focus on delivering nearly flawless service. Over time, the BOCs are expected to save the university money by achieving economies of scale, improving processing times and reducing errors.

The first BOC is an Onboarding Center, set to open this month in the Joyner Visitor Center, that will coordinate all the activities involved in processing new hires. The others are scheduled to open as follows:

Business Operation Center Planned Launch
Travel October 2013
Recruitment and Selection October 2013
Time Reporting January 2014
Purchase to Payment February 2014
Position Administration March 2014
Accounts Receivable April 2014


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