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Restaurants Coming to Centennial

New dining options are coming to Centennial Campus this summer.

“On the Oval Culinary Creations”—located in the new Wolf Ridge Housing Complex—will feature four micro-restaurants and a diner with early-morning and late-night access. The menu will include a wide variety of fresh entrees and sides, including comfort, low-fat, vegan and vegetarian food. Conveniently located near the College of Engineering, the College of Textiles and new Hunt Library, “On the Oval” will provide much-needed food service options on Centennial Campus.

More than 400 guests will be able to enjoy the indoor and outdoor seating areas, making it a natural location for students, faculty, staff, corporate partners and campus visitors to relax and eat. The seating area has been designed to accommodate groups that want to collaborate over a meal.

“On the Oval” will include the following restaurants:

  • Cold Fusion will be the place to stop for fresh sandwiches and wraps made with fresh breads, choice meats and cheeses, specialty salads and soups.
  • Fahrenheit will serve artisan pizza baked in a fire-deck oven, plus an ever-changing menu of rotisserie meats and fish, each served with a complementary side item.
  • Flash Point will feature authentic regional Asian flavors, including fresh-rolled sushi, noodle bowls with stir-fried meats, vegetables and tofu, customized with your favorite sauces and
  • Newton’s Grill and Diner will have a menu of your favorite diner foods, including items hot from the grill menu, breakfast favorites, and more. You can look for Angus beef burgers, hand-cut fries, and signature grill specials. A separate, intimate seating area (Newton’s Diner) will have a separate entrance that will enable it to operate as its own venue for breakfast, late nights and weekends.

Responses (3 Comments)

  • Saundra Doby

    Why can’t we have food that we can afford — like Taco Bell?
    These sound expensive like the rest of University Dining.

  • Sharon Price

    Sound like a plan go for it i like changes.

  • Mike Fowler

    Sounds great. Now, work on the campus side for a restaurant or a Wolfpack Snackers Truck. Just sayin…………….

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