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25 Nab NSF Graduate Fellowships

More than two dozen NC State students and graduates have received graduate research fellowships from the National Science Foundation.

Current seniors who received fellowships are:

  • Joseph Arthur, computer science and applied mathematics major, Goodnight Scholar, departmental honors, University Honors Program
  • Leigh Joan Atchison, biomedical engineering major, University Honors Program
  • Alan Joseph Bohn, microbiology and genetics major, CALS honors program, University Honors Program
  • Richard McAlister Deans, December graduate in chemistry working at NC State this semester, Park Scholar, Goldwater Scholar, chemistry honors, University Honors Program
  • John Thomas Nickerson Miller, biomedical engineering, Park Scholar, Abrams Scholar, University Scholars Program
  • Brinda Monian, chemical engineering and biochemistry major, Caldwell Fellow, Goldwater Scholar, departmental/college honors, University Honors Program
  • Neil Shah, computer science, Caldwell Fellow, University Honors Program

Current graduate students who received fellowships are:

  • Matthew James Burch, Ph.D. student in materials science and engineering, undergraduate degree from Coe College
  • Hana Teresa Chmielewski, M.S. student in civil engineering, undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University
  • Stephanie Cristina Hughes, Ph.D. student in chemistry, undergraduate degree from Appalachian State University
  • Brittany Itelia Johnson, Ph.D. student in computer science, undergraduate degree from the College of Charleston
  • Patrick Edward Leser, Ph.D. student in aerospace engineering, undergraduate degree from NC State
  • Alexander David Lindsay, Ph.D. student in nuclear engineering, undergraduate degree from the University of Washington
  • Jessica Ann Nash, Ph.D. student in materials science and engineering, undergraduate degree from UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Fernando Javier Rodrøguez, Ph.D. student in computer science, undergraduate degree from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
  • Anna Elizabeth Stallmann, Ph.D. student in plant biology, undergraduate degree from the UNC-Chapel Hill

Students who graduated from NC State and are now in or proposing to matriculate in graduate programs elsewhere:

  • Jeffrey Rees Adrion, May 2012 graduate in zoology
  • Catherine Frances Frock, December 2009 graduate in biological sciences
  • Adam Christopher Keith, May 2012 graduate in applied mathematics and physics
  • Amanda Lynette Patrick, May 2011 graduate in chemistry
  • Tojan Bassam Rahal, May 2012 graduate in biomedical engineering
  • Hannah Renee Reese, May 2012 graduate in chemical engineering
  • Katie Elaine Robertson, December 2012 graduate in zoology
  • Andrew David Sen, May 2012 graduate in civil engineering
  • William Andrew Stoy, June 2012 graduate in biomedical engineering

Fellows are required to engage full-time in programs leading to graduate degrees in disciplines supported by NSF.


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