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Employee Event a Grand Slam

Hey, batter. This year's Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day hits the big leagues.

It’s the ultimate double play. Come out for the pizza and ice cream, and then stay for the game. The innovative folks in Human Resources scored a great new venue for this year’s Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day: Doak Field,¬†home of the Wolfpack baseball team.

The game against Campbell  University starts and noon Wednesday, March 6, and is free for faculty and staff.

But the fun actually starts at 11 a.m. with all the great food and activities you’ve come to expect at the annual extravaganza.

The event includes:

  • Pizza, refreshments and Howling Cow ice cream
  • Photo booth for you and your coworkers
  • Games and giveaways (while supplies last)

As an added perk, the university bookstore is offering a special discount to all NC State employees during the month. Plus, all hats will be discounted by $5 per hat on March 6.

Contact HR at 515-2151 if you need special accommodations or have dietary restrictions. And be sure to bring your employee ID for free admission.

Responses (1 Comment)

  • Allison

    EAD was a wash this year, and I’m not talking about the weather. I didn’t see it as a “Grand Slam” by any means. Rather, it was a way for the university to “piggy back” on an event already in place, and throw in some cheap pizza, ice cream they make themselves and free giveaways (“while supplies last”), mind you. What is this, Costco? We know we work for the state. We’re already paid lower wages and work just as hard (if not harder) than those in the private sector. But can’t administration pull together just one day out of the year to help employees REALLY feel “appreciated”?

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