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Give Your Opinion of NC State

We know you love us – you really, really love us – but now it’s time to get specific. University Communications pushed out a survey by email this morning asking the Wolfpack community, including faculty, staff, students, alumni and supporters, to share their perceptions of NC State across a broad range of topics.

In the email message, Chancellor Randy Woodson said the survey results would, “bring clarity and focus to how we collectively communicate NC State’s greatest strengths and core values to audiences worldwide.”

Can a new marketing campaign be far off?

Rate NC State

If you didn’t get the email, you can still go directly to the survey online. It asks for input on how NC State stacks up against several other universities, and lets you rate the university’s performance in key areas, such as research, academics, student support and athletics. Be prepared to assess NC State’s greatest strengths and – this was a hard one for the Bulletin staff – its greatest weaknesses.

Higher education marketing can be tricky since university stakeholders include people of vastly different ages, backgrounds and interests. A message that resonates with a 17-year-old prospective design student doesn’t necessarily appeal to a 40-year-old alumnus with an MBA.

NC State has tried different approaches in recent years, launching the bold “Red Means Go” campaign in 2008, then opting for a tamer message in 2010. University Communications seemed to find the right balance with the 125th anniversary campaign last year, which focused on “Tradition and Transformation” and was widely popular with university constituents.


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