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Video Walls Wow at Hunt Library

The new James B. Hunt Jr. Library on Centennial Campus is made to give students and faculty the tools they need to plan, create and innovate without letting the technology get in the way. It allows for an intuitive work flow: book a room for a brainstorming session, then check out a digital camera to create some content for your project. Next, reserve space on the library’s enormous server and share your files with colleagues on campus or around the world. Render an animation over the library’s cloud computing network, then play it on one of the facility’s enormous video walls.

The library has five Christie MicroTiles displays. At 21-feet wide, these video walls dwarf every other monitor on campus, and even surpass the size of the MicroTiles display at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte. With resolution four times as great as a standard HD monitor and a color gamut far exceeding broadcast television specs, the displays are amazingly crisp and bright.


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