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Holiday Setback Notice

What campus initiative has saved NC State nearly $2 million since 2005? It’s the Winter Holiday Energy Setback. When the university is closed, heating, cooling and lighting will be minimized in unoccupied buildings to save energy.

NC State’s Energy Management office along with several campus partners will begin setting back building temperatures on Friday afternoon, Dec. 21. On Jan. 1, buildings will be restored to normal operating temperatures in time for the university’s re-opening on Jan. 2.

Last year this program saved more than $290,000 in energy costs and 1,484 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions — equivalent to taking 285 cars off the road for a year.

Here’s how you can help before leaving for winter holiday:

• Unplug all non-essential electronics.

• Turn off lights, computers and copiers.

• Close all doors and windows.

• Secure water sources that may fail and cause flooding.

• Shut down all non-essential lab equipment.

• If you find any windows or doors left open, or you cannot close a door or window, contact the Customer Service Center at 919/-515-2991.

Hazardous materials operations must also be curtailed from Dec. 21 to Jan. 1. Environmental Health and Public Safety staffing will be provided during winter break but response times to emergency situations may be increased, resulting in potentially higher risk to persons and property.


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