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Find the Time for Exercise

The Monday Mile, a weekly one-mile walk around campus hosted by University Dining’s dietitian, Lisa Eberhart, is gaining momentum. On the first week, three walkers showed up. This week, 40 walkers joined for a communal walk, including one straggler from the Bulletin.

The next scheduled Monday Mile sets off on Monday, Sept. 24, at 2:40 p.m. from the Brickyard, outside the D.H. Hill Library, and ends at Carmichael Courtyard. Here are maps of upcoming walks.

The Monday Mile tandems with another new University Dining campaign, Fresh Start Mondays, which adds more fresh fruit and vegetable options to the dining hall’s menus. Eberhart encourages all university employees to join in. “It’s hard finding the time and energy to exercise, but most of us can walk a mile every day,” Eberhart says.


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