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New Report on Administrative Processes

A campus committee charged with improving administrative processes issued a report detailing its work and setting priorities for the coming year. The Administrative Process Review Committee, formed last summer as part of NC State’s strategic planning effort, said it will improve student interfaces and tackle problems related to human resources and research grants.

The committee, chaired by Terri Helmlinger Ratcliff, executive director of the Industrial Extension Service, is a multidisciplinary team with representatives from every college. It has already addressed a number of administrative issues on campus. Accomplishments include:

  • Implementation of electronic invoices to financial system
  • Streamlining of travel authorization process
  • Authorization of fax solutions for specified documentation requirements
  • Creation of budget template for grant proposals
  • Clarification of process for obtaining visitor parking passes
  • Clarification of rental vehicle insurance requirements
  • Increase of small purchase delegation

Although the committee will not meet formally during the summer, members will continue to identify issues to work  on in the fall. The committee also plans to develop a communications plan.

The committee is coordinating with the ongoing effort to streamline business operations at NC State.



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  • Debbie Cox

    Streamlining of travel authorization was the wrong word choice. There is not streamlining when you add more steps. Added step of prior authorization, additional copies of agenda where you attended the event, and making double copies before sending them forward is not streamlining. There is also not a ‘person’ you can contact directly when you want to determine when something is held up in the process to find out why it is held up. The website is a start where you can see where it is in the process but it is not the full solution.

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