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Where’s the Wolf?

The Bulletin is proud to bring back our popular “Where’s the Wolf?” contest. It’s all part of our effort to honor NC State’s 125th anniversary by reviving a hallowed Bulletin tradition.

We started the monthly contest back in the early years of the Bulletin’s electronic edition. Back then, in 2007, we wrote the Bulletin on giant pieces of fabric and fed them into a vacuum-tube powered mimeograph machine. The machine spit out a series of tiny ones and zeros that were then converted into Web pages using a slide rule and a twin triode Doerle regenerative receiver, which had a nice glow but tended to overheat. Ah, the good old days.

We now create the Bulletin with lasers, but some things never change, including the corny hints we provide to help people guess Mr. Wuf’s location. This week all we’re going to say is that you could hunt main campus all day and night and never find the wolf. He could be east of Java, for all you know.

And now, for those newbies on campus, here are the strict rules for our contest:

  • First, figure out where on campus the wolf is pictured.
  • Second, send us an e-mail with your guess by Tuesday, May 1. Be sure to include your name, phone and department.

We’ll randomly select one of the correct entries and deliver a cool Wolfpack prize to the winner. Good luck!



David Hunt

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Responses (7 Comments)

  • Tania Drummond

    I think Mr. Wuf is on [redacted by editor], outside [redacted by editor]!

    Editor’s note: I’ll put your name in the hat, Tania. Good luck.

  • Leigh Clark

    The Wolf is on [redacted by editor] near the new [redacted by editor].

    Editor’s note: I’ll put your name in the hat, Leigh. Good luck!

  • Kate Ryan

    The Wolf is on the [redacted] at [redacted] outside [redacted] leaning on a column.

    Editor’s note: I’ll put your name in the hat, Kate. Good luck!

  • Diane Harper

    Mr. Wolf is outside the [redacted] Located at the [redacted] Building.

    Across from the new [redacted].

    Editor’s note: I’ll put your name in the hat, Diane. Good luck!

  • MIchael Harwood

    Mr. Wuf is waiting for his daily cup of Java to the “north” of the [redacted] that is in the [redacted] on [redacted]. In the background is [redacted] and [redacted]. In the far background is the new [redacted] under construction.

    Editor’s note: I’ll put your name in the hat, Michael. Good luck!

  • Joanna Carroll

    Mr Wuf is outside the [redacted].

  • Lynne Barbou

    Mr. Wuf is at [redacted] outside the [redacted] Building with the new [redacted] in the background.

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