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Celebrating Early and Often

Lace up your sneakers and bring your appetite and your NC State ID card to Carmichael Gym on Tuesday. It’s time to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day with games, free food and a special 125th anniversary twist.

One day before NC State’s official birthday, March 7, 1887, we’re serving up slices of a giant birthday cake. If you’re there when the doors open at 11 a.m., you can be first in line for the employee special: two slices of free pizza and a drink.

You can have dessert with the chancellor, who will make brief remarks and preside over the birthday cake. (We did mention there’s also free ice cream, right?)  Then have your picture taken with Mr. and Ms. Wuf or in our vintage photo booth.

To work off those celebration calories, head for the hockey slapshot area or try your luck at one of our 125th birthday games that pay tribute to NC State history. The fun lasts until 2 p.m. If you work off campus, play our online version of Family Feud.

125th Fun and Games at Carmichael

Founders Day: Pass the NC State Birthday Present
In a new spin on musical chairs, this game involves passing around a present while the music plays. The person holding it when the music stops gets to peel off a layer of wrapping paper. The one who unwraps the last layer gets to keep the gift.

Roaring 20s: Games of Chance
Step right up and try your luck at roulette, blackjack, the money wheel or one of the slot machines. You can’t lose. Each participant receives $500 of play money for the games.

Funtastic 40s: Bingo
Bingo, introduced to Americans after the Great Depression, can be played just about anywhere. Pony up to the table and see if you can spell B-I-N-G-O.

Love and Happiness Era (50s and 60s): Tricycle Race, Twist Contest and Karaoke
Race an oversized tricycle, show off your moves in Twist contests at 11:30 and 12:30 or belt out your favorite songs on the karaoke stage.

National Championships (70s and 80s): Basketball Shoot-Out
If you’re up for a challenge, try to make all five shots. Can you connect from David Thompson, Norm Sloan, Jim Valvano, Lorenzo Charles and Mark Gottfried range?

New Millennium and Beyond (1990s to present): Wolfpack Trivia Fusion
Put on your thinking caps and challenge your friends in Wolfpack Trivia Fusion. Register your team or put your name in any available slot and we’ll assign you.


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