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A Party Fit for the Pack

What do you play at an NC State 125th birthday party? Forget pin the tail on the donkey.

We’re planning better fun on Monday at Reynolds Coliseum, including plenty of music. Deejay Tim Gunter will get the party started at 1 p.m., as we begin giving away Pack-themed presents.

Emcee Kornelius “Korn” Bascombe, who’s made his mark as a winning TV host in national competitions, will take center stage at 1:30 to get the crowd going with a dance segment.

Stay tuned for the band Old Man Whickutt, featuring alums Marcus Hall and Craig Thompson performing their “Packology” tribute to the 1983 men’s NCAA basketball champions, along with much more.

Expect surprises. When you’re celebrating at a venue where so much Wolfpack history has played out, campus celebrities are bound to drop by and hold court. Mr. and Ms. Wuf will lead a singalong and pose for photos, but you’ll have to attend to meet the other special guests.

It’s also the premiere day for the winning birthday video from our 125th anniversary video contest. Watch the two-minute masterpiece and see the creator pick a prize.

Even if you didn’t enter a video, you may already have won time off from class or work. Provost Warwick Arden announced that faculty and supervisors can choose to excuse students’ absences or give employees time off from work to attend the celebration.

If you get the go-ahead to party like it’s 1887, stop by the vintage photo booth for a personalized souvenir.

To bring the celebration to a sweet conclusion, at about 2:30 we’ll have cake, lots of cake, with Howling Cow ice cream on the side.

NC State has been celebrating its 125th birthday for nearly a month. Check out some of our other parties.

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