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Obama on Campus Wednesday

President Barack Obama will visit NC State to deliver a speech at 12:55 p.m. Wednesday in Reynolds Coliseum. Although all available tickets were distributed to students, employees and the public on Tuesday morning, the university offers several options for viewing the speech remotely. The campus community will be able to view the speech online via the IPTV system, Wolfbytes online and Wolfbytes Channel 85 on the campus CATV system. The public will be able to view streaming video via the White House website.

While you're waiting for the president, visit NC State's location-based service, NC State On Campus, download the app and get our super-cool presidential badge. This is a rare badge, available today only.

This isn’t the president’s first visit to campus. Obama rallied support for his campaign at Reynolds during the North Carolina primary in 2008.

For security reasons, traffic flow, parking and access to buildings near Reynolds likely will be limited for at least a portion of the day Wednesday. Classes on Wednesday will not be canceled. Faculty members may elect to allow excused absences for students to attend the event. Here’s more information from the provost.

Reynolds will open for the event at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. For security reasons, do not bring bags, and limit personal items. No signs or banners are permitted.

Photos and video of the event are permitted, but camera bags will be searched. All attendees will go through airport-like security screening. Here are answers to more frequently asked questions.

Public parking will not be allowed on campus for the event unless upon specific instruction. Use of public transportation is strongly encouraged.

Here’s the latest information on traffic, parking and bus service for the president’s visit.

Responses (65 Comments)

  • EImy

    I am not a student but I want to attend. I want to know how much are the tickets.

  • Brendan

    I was in class during the ticket distribution today. Will there be any opportunities for students to get tickets tomorrow? Are there even any left?

    Thank you.

  • Jacob

    Funniest comment I heard in class today:

    Dude 1: “Hey are you going to go see the President of the United States speak tomorrow”

    Dude 2: “Negative, Mr. President needs to give us more heads up next time. I’ve got exams coming up and problem sets due. ”

    I’m sure many of us can relate to dude 2. I think I can honestly say that the loads of homework and studying take priority over seeing the President for probably the once and only time of a lifetime.

  • What a great opportunity for the Wolfpack!!! I wish I was there but our daughter will be, that is the next best thing to being there!!! Enjoy NC State!!!!

  • [...] components for alternative energy, aerospace and medical industries. At Reynolds Coliseum at the Univ. of North Carolina, (NCSU), President Obama will deliver remarks about the urgency for Congress to pass American Jobs [...]

  • Rick

    Should be a fine collection of bleeding hearts there today. Hey Mr. President, CHANGE COURSE! You are killing us with your policies, and most especially the futures of all those young people who will be listening to your leftist pap today. Doubling down on failure is no reasonable solution to the stalled economy that you have created. Comprende? On a final note, I wonder if that most infamous of wolfpack alumni will be along for today’s installment of the misery tour? Let’s all give a shout out for good ol’ Robert Fibbs!

  • Josh

    Sorry chuck. But about everything he said was spot on. It might be cool to like Obama while in college, but he is doing TERRIBLE and I have seen it first hand since graduating. GO PACK!

  • Cathy

    Hey Rick – What we heard today was not ‘leftist pap’ – what we heard were ideas supported by both Republicans and Democrats alike. All common sense, straightforward, smart ideas. You must not have listened to anything the President said – here or at anytime during the last week. Since that’s the case, shut your yap!

  • Z

    Both links won’t work?! I can’t see this live!

  • Rick

    Don’t think I will Chuckster, I too much enjoy telling the truth. Kind of hurts, doesn’t it?

  • Kevin

    No matter how you look at it, the Bush administration left the economy in dire straights through two major items: tax-cuts (mostly for folks making *way* more than $250k/year) combined with War on Terror spending. Starting with an annual surplus out of the Clinton years of 86 billion, the Bush administration left an annual deficit to the Obama administration on the order of 1.5 trillion per year. The 1.5 trillion per year were commitments are made, that many consider “sunk costs” and that the Obama administration quite literally is stuck with. Thus, Rick is incorrect in the implicit assumption that the economic strife this country faces is entirely caused by the Obama administration’s folly.

    He is correct, however, that the current government is not fixing the problem (current government includes both Democrats and Republicans). The Republicans are not wrong that we need to fix the budget, but the Democrats are not wrong that we can’t do it on the backs of the middle and lower class. The former is a no-brainer, and the latter would make the long-run budget outlook less palpable given the various dole-outs the government would *have* to support. Like cost of incarceration. Like inherent societal costs involving mental and physical health of the populace. Like maintenance of transportation avenues. The Tea Party is wrong, however, in that they want the government handouts for no taxes. If they would like to pay no taxes, then they should stop using roads, hospitals, public schools, or buying food — (it’s almost all partially subsidized by the government).

    On the topic of the budget, one of the big phallacies which the conservative machine has advertized effectively is that the budget is the President’s domain. In fact, this is an issue of congress, only finally signed by the President. Welcome to separation of powers. Thus “Obama’s failure” is not a correct statement in this context. It’s not entirely the Obama administration’s fault. It’s not even mostly their fault.

    Obama’s failure is as a politician. While I am an admitted Obama supporter in 2008, and will be again 2012, I wish there were someone better. The democrat party has generally not supplied a “best” option, rather merely the “lesser of two evils.” I do not think Obama is nearly as good a /politician/ as, say, GW Bush. Like what he did or not, GW pushed items through. Obama has failed on a number of items, most recently annoying even more of his liberal base by backing down on environmental issues. While I certainly agree with more of his policies than the would-have-been McCain, and certainly more than the ex GW Bush, there is no denying that Obama’s skill as a politician is lacking.

    The budget must be course-corrected, but it *must* be a unified effort. Something which, sad to say, has not happened, largely thanks to the stalwart Tea Party forcing their hand with the Republicans, and consequently the Democrats and the country.

  • Bill

    Wonder what he will promise on this visit?
    A booming Economy? No more than 8% unemployment?
    Maybe he’ll guarantee the pack an NCAA basketball title!

  • Z

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Kevin. Thanks for that!

  • Chris

    Alot of college students are ignorant about politics and we need to educate ourselves so we just don’t believe whatever a candidate or president says.

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