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NC State to Brand SW Raleigh

NC State will work with the city of Raleigh to develop a branding and economic development study for southwest Raleigh. The study will identify strategies to enhance the character of the area and explore opportunities for future private economic development. The goal is to better promote the district as a creative place to live and work.

The study area is bounded generally by the Wade Avenue/Blue Ridge Road Corridor on the north, the Raleigh Planning jurisdiction on the west and south, and the South Wilmington Street Corridor on the east.

The study will:

  • Address the historic, social, economic and cultural context of the area and create an interactive website to document and map community assets;
  • Facilitate innovative community-based partnerships by using multimedia programs, as well as exhibitions, workshops and focus group meetings;
  • Engage various stakeholders, including residents, businesses, artists, designers and arts organizations, in plans and processes to improve community livability;
  • Develop a vision that will support the creation of a sense-of-place for southwest Raleigh to nurture and support the growth of the creative community;
  • Develop strategies that contribute to the district’s identity and sense of place; and,
  • Create a framework for the creation of master plans for a quality and diverse housing stock.

The study also will identify public investment strategies to support the neighborhood’s infrastructure.

The city has allocated $150,000 to the two-year project. NC State will contribute $40,000. Experts in the College of Design, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Poole College of Management will participate in the project.

Responses (2 Comments)

  • Bea Sanford

    It’s fabulous to see these collaborations between the colleges and the City of Raleigh!

  • Jason Queen

    Great opportunity for growth and in-line with Raleigh’s Comprehensive Plan. This is a obvious path for downtown growth and this study will help to strengthen the partnership between NCSU and the City of Raleigh.

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