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Holcomb Takes Leadership Role

Eva Holcomb, Park Scholarships director, has been elected president of a national professional association that develops best practices for selective scholars programs.

She will serve a two-year term leading the Undergraduate Scholars Program Administrators Association (USPAA), founded in 2006.

Eva Holcomb, director of the Park Scholarships program

Eva Holcomb

“Eva has been a part of USPAA since even before we officially had a name, and has provided leadership in an informal way for five years,” said past president Jamie Williams, associate director of the National Scholars Program at Clemson University. “Now that she has a formal leadership role, Eva’s creativity, vision and experience will help USPAA become an even stronger organization.”

Forty institutions participate in USPAA, which held its national conference at NC State in 2008. The association has 300 members representing 60 programs.


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