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Grad Students Complete Teacher Training

Eighty graduate students were recently honored for completing specialized training programs in teaching.

Graduate Dean Duane Larick and Senior Vice Provost Emerita Dr. Katie Perry recognized participants in the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching program, Mentoring and Teaching Practicum, and Preparing the Professoriate program.

More than 9,000 students have participated since 2007 through the Preparing Future Leaders Initiative, which offers training, support and professional development for graduate students.

Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching

  • Kelly D. Abrams, English
  • Jeff Allen, Foreign Languages and Literature
  • Katherine Almquist, Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Sneha Athalye, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • Heather Bateman Adewale, Zoology
  • Alan Paul Blair, English
  • Kathryn P. Bove, Foreign Languages and Literature
  • Margaret Brindley, Textile and Apparel Technology and Management
  • Nils Buch, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Jennifer Marie Caputo, Communication
  • Alexandra Chaytor, Animal Science
  • Katherine Ann Diuguid, Art and Design
  • Adam Driscoll, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Ginger Edwardsen, Genetics
  • Christina Erbacher, Mathematics
  • Katherine Fargo, English
  • Connie Landis Fisk, Horticultural Science
  • Kara Evelyn Fleming, English
  • Kathleen Foote, Physics
  • Rebecca Hahn, Foreign Languages and Literature
  • Luyan He, Plant Biology
  • Dawn X. Henderson, Psychology in the Public Interest
  • Meghan Holliday, Design
  • Amber Howard, Design
  • Aaron C. Johnston-Peck, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Jason Kalin, Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media
  • Sofia Kotsiri, Economics
  • Zeyu Liu, Computer Science
  • Karla Lyles, English
  • Amy Lockwood, Entomology
  • Jennifer Mason, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Sarah E. McKone, Technical Communication
  • Debra McLendon, Textile and Apparel Technology and Management
  • Angela C. Meluso, Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • Constanza S. Miranda Mendoza, Design
  • Michelle Moorman, Forestry and Environmental Resources
  • Brandi Lee Moyer, Communication
  • Nicholas Mueldener, Leadership, Policy and Adult and Higher Education
  • Laura Rodriguez, Graphic Design
  • Kelly Ross, Textile and Apparel Technology and Management
  • Siddharth Savadatti, Civil Engineering
  • Sarah E. Shallcross, Foreign Languages and Literature
  • Kristen Stagg, Mathematics
  • Tara M. Taylor, English
  • Rachael Katz Walsh, Entomology
  • Tory Weaver, Public Administration
  • Kristin Marie Wood, English
  • Natalie A. Wright, Psychology
  • Jie Zhang, Chemistry

Mentoring and Teaching Practicum

  • Christina Erbacher, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Ann Bingham, Peace College
  • Rosa Fattahi, English; Mentor: Dr. John Morillo, NC State University
  • Kathleen Foote, Physics; Mentor: Dr. William Schmidt, Meredith College
  • Sofia Kotsiri, Economics; Mentor: Dr. Casey Dirienzo, Elon University

Preparing the Professoriate

  • Kristen Abernathy, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Molly Fenn
  • Zachary Abernathy, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Alina Chertock
  • Heather Bateman Adewale, Zoology and Biology; Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Campbell
  • Kenneth Ball, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Dmitry Zenkov
  • Eric Bancroft, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Ernest Stitzinger
  • Erin Bancroft, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Nathan Reading
  • Justin Bradshaw, Microbiology; Mentor: Dr. Michael Sikes
  • Nils Buch, Industrial and Systems Engineering; Mentor: Dr. Thom Hodgson
  • Catherine Buell, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Michael Singer
  • Christine Cade, Chemistry; Mentor: Dr. Clay Clark
  • Susan Crook, Applied Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Molly Fenn
  • Nyeema Harris, Forstry, Mentor: Dr. Nick Haddad
  • Sharon Hutton, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Robert Martin
  • Rebecca L. Jayne, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Kailash Misra
  • David Kendellen, Physics; Mentor: Dr. David Haase
  • Brandon R. Lunk, Physics; Mentors: Dr. David Haase and Dr. Matthew Kohlmyer
  • Karla Lyles, English; Mentors: Dr. Christina Moss and Dr. Victoria Gallagher
  • Katherine Maloney, Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences; Mentor: Dr. Sarah Ash
  • Jennifer Mason, Industrial and Systems Engineering; Mentor: Dr. Brian Denton
  • Helen Melito, Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences; Mentor: Dr. Christopher Daubert
  • Kelly L. F. Oten, Entomology; Mentor: Dr. Clyde Sorenson
  • Beth Overman, Physiology; Mentor: Dr. Miriam Ferzli
  • Kimberly Spayd, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Michael Shearer
  • Kristen Stagg, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Hoon Hong
  • Rebecca Thomas, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Mentor: Dr. Michael Escuti
  • Donald¬† C. Warren, III, ¬†Physics; Mentor: Dr. Don Ellison
  • Shengfan Zhang, Industrial and Systems Engineering; Mentor: Dr. James Wilson


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