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Latest on Health Plan Changes

In an update posted April 20, the Benefits Office said it might have to move quickly to initiate open enrollment if the Senate and Gov. Perdue do not resolve their differences and come to agreement on proposed changes to the State Health Plan (SHP).

“If the SHP conducts an annual enrollment with the existing plan design and rate structures that are currently in effect, for coverage as of July 1, employees will have to TAKE ACTION (make an active enrollment & attest), or coverage level will be assigned to the Basic 70/30 plan,” the update warned. The existing plan requires that members attest that they do not use tobacco and are not obese in order to qualify for the highest level of coverage.

Perdue vetoed Senate Bill 265, which called for increases in premiums, co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums for plan members. The News & Observer reports that legislators are seeking a compromise.

Check the Benefits Office website for regular updates.


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