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Health Plan Issues Unresolved

NC State’s Benefits Office continues to monitor the political tug-of-war over possible changes to the State Health Plan.

In an update posted April 14, the Benefits Office reported that the Senate overrode Gov. Perdue’s veto of Senate Bill 265, which calls for increases in premiums, co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums for plan members. But the House has not scheduled action on the issue so the measure will not go into effect, at least for now. The News & Observer reports that legislators are seeking a compromise.

“Needless to say, no plan enrollment activity can proceed until a program is authorized, and these delays are likely to push the open enrollment period later into the spring or even summer,” the update said. “This creates logistical challenges for the Benefits Office, particularly in getting information to – and from – 9-month employees who may be leaving campus within the month.”

Check the Benefits Office website for regular updates.


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