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Santa Taps Technology

A team of NC State researchers is getting a first-hand look at the science behind Santa Claus’s remarkably efficient Arctic operation this month as visiting scholars at the philanthropist’s North Pole laboratory. The team, led by engineering professor Larry Silverberg, is braving harsh winter weather to learn more about innovations in information technology, analytics, manufacturing and supply chain management that have helped Claus attain near mythic status as a promoter of the Christmas holiday brand.

“The man is a genius,” Silverberg said in a dispatch from the North Pole.

Do You See What I See?

The researchers are studying advanced neuroimaging capabilities that enable Claus to monitor the behavior of children across the globe, mapping the results on a relative scale of naughty to nice. The technology also assists in measuring and analyzing gift preferences.

This data is especially important to the North Pole operation, allowing Claus to determine that, for example, “Mary in Miami hopes for a surfboard, while Michael from Minneapolis wants a snowboard,” Silverberg said.

Silverberg is posting regular updates on the Abstract, NC State’s research blog.

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