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A Helping Paw

Barbara Weinberg will always remember her dogs Tramp, Rachel and Cassie, and the generosity of her coworkers in the NCSU Libraries. Here’s why, in her own words.

Hey, every year I give to the SPCA. I love what they do to help animals in need!

About 15 years ago, I adopted Rachel from the SPCA. She was the sweetest dog ever, a cocker-corgi mix, blind in one eye, but that never slowed her down. My son and I brought her home and she immediately bonded with our dog Tramp and everyone who came into contact with her.

Rachel soon had a case of kennel cough and the SPCA told us we could bring her back. I told them she was already part of our family and there was no way we’d bring her back, but thanks.

The following year, a black lab mix puppy found us, and instead of taking her to the SPCA, we kept her, giving us three dogs to love.

Two years ago, all three dogs passed away within a two-month period. After the third dog passed away, my 20 coworkers, who are all animal lovers, took up a collection and made a $100 donation to the SPCA in memory of my three dogs, Tramp, Rachel and Cassie.

That was the most thoughtful and generous gesture that I could ever imagine. The fact that they all chose the SPCA pays tribute to what a special place it is and to the wonderful work that they do.

Barbara Weinberg
Metadata and Cataloguing Department
NCSU Libraries

Editor’s Note: It’s easy to support animal welfare through the State Employees Combined Campaign. You can search for SPCA and other animal agencies using the online giving guide. Go to the “Area of Service” pulldown menu and choose “Animal Protection” for a list of nonprofits.

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