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Waschka Film Collects Awards

“Horizons,” a film created by NC State composer Rodney Waschka and director Zlatko Cosic, took first place in the computer animation category at the Stella Artois St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase in July and first place in the experimental category at the Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Fla., in April.

“Horizons” premiered at the Macon Film Festival in February, where it won second place in the experimental category.

Waschka co-produced and composed the music for the short film. Cosic, whose works have been presented at the USA Film Festival, the Picture This Film Festival in Canada and elsewhere, is well-known for his avant-garde films.

“We feel very fortunate that the film has been so well received in so many different places around the world,” Waschka said.

This spring, “Horizons” was screened at the Byron Bay International Film Festival in Australia, the SoundImageSound Festival in California, the Herning International Short Film Festival in Denmark and the Performance and Intermedia Festival in Poland.

Upcoming screenings are scheduled for the dokumentART festival in Germany and Poland in October and the St. Louis International Film Festival in November.

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