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How to Keep Your Family Covered

Don’t toss the latest mailing from the State Health Plan. It could cost you.

This month’s mailing, marked “Action Required,” contains a dependent verification packet. To maintain insurance for dependents (spouse and children), you’ll have to submit legal documents verifying that they’re eligible for coverage. If you miss the Oct. 15 deadline, insurance for your dependents will be canceled retroactively to July 1, and you’ll be responsible for repaying any claims since then.

You can scan documents and submit them via a secure Web site, fax them or use the postage-paid envelope to mail copies to Secova, the company that’s handling the verification process for the State Health Plan. You’ll need to return both the cover sheet and documents if you fax or mail. Be sure to keep a copy for your records.

Some information that’s not needed for verification, such as Social Security numbers, account balances and other financial information, can be blacked out to maintain privacy. For details, read the letter, instruction and FAQ list or visit the State Health Plan site.

If you have questions, call Secova’s 24-hour toll-free number, 888-541-8123. For information on submitting required documents online, visit

If you need to make changes to your insurance coverage, Secova can’t help you. Get in touch with your benefits representative.

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  • David Pearce

    CROOKS!!! Insurance companies are all crooks and you’re all cowards for letting them get away with it!

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