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Think Pink Hydrangeas

A new variety of hydrangea developed by horticulturist Dr. Tom Ranney will have gardeners thinking pink this year.

Pink mountain hydrangea Invincibelle Spirit

Invincibelle Spirit, a pink mountain hydrangea from horticulturist Tom Ranney, is making a splash in garden centers.

Ranney, a research program leader at the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Center near Asheville, developed a pink mountain hydrangea called Invincibelle Spirit that’s making its debut in garden centers.

Unlike finicky, exotic big-leaf hydrangea, this native species is tough and adaptable, impervious to cold. The flowers of Invincibelle Spirit hold their pink color, unlike others that turn blue in North Carolina’s naturally acidic soils.

In keeping with the spirit of a pink hydrangea, the flowering shrubs brand Proven Winners Color Choice will donate $1 from each purchase of Invincibelle Spirit to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


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