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Warren to Edit National Magazine

Dr. Cat Warren, associate professor of English, has been named editor of Academe, the national magazine published by the American Association of University Professors. Association President Cary Nelson acknowledged Warren’s,  “wide experience as a journalist and as a media-savvy AAUP activist. … She will dramatically increase our Web presence and push Academe in the direction of investigative journalism. We are delighted to have her aboard.”

Before returning to academia to get her doctorate in 1990, Warren was a reporter for several newspapers, including the Hartford Courant. In 1995, she joined the faculty at NC State, where she has taught a wide range of courses in journalism, media and gender studies. She has written for academic and mainstream publications on issues such as media criticism, cultural studies and higher education.

“This is a huge challenge, but it’s also going to be a lot of fun,” Warren said. “We’re living in such interesting times in higher education, and I can’t think of a better place to be than helping frame some stories that might not only help us understand where we are, but help us change where we’re going.”


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